Intentional living for lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Fuck convention and expectations. Create the life and the business that you want.

My name is Patrick Griffith, and I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur just like you. Unless you're not.

I write words about doing things your own way. Taking responsibility for yourself. Staying healthy. Finding your voice. Minimizing what you don't enjoy. Taking advantage of technology. Being in control of your own life. And just generally being awesome. In life and in your business, in that order.

Some words are conveniently available via the button below. Other, sexier words are delivered only via email. Partly because I love you. Mostly because exclusivity makes you more likely to sign up to get my emails.

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I make websites (and dabble in other Internety things). My current projects are: My wife's car went bang. In the search to replace her totaled car with the safest car possible, I was disappointed with all of the car-buying research sites I came across. So I made my own, with a focus on safety above all else. I used to bet on sports. I don't anymore. It no longer interests me. But I still keep this site because it provides certain programmatic challenges that are fun as shit to tackle. And also, because money. Perhaps mostly because money.