I'm Pat Griffith.
On Purpose.

You might label me a minimalist or an intentional liver. Or a pretentious asshole. At any given time I’m at least two of these three things. There’s more to me, obviously. But this isn’t the about page.

Whoever I am, I am me on purpose.

Herein are thoughts and words about mindfulness, intentional living, minimalism, freethinking, creativity, curiosity and [insert more buzzwords].

Here’s what I’ve written:

    Dangerously Good

    Have you ever had a good idea? I once did. And I almost let it crush my dreams. Sometimes that’s what good does. It makes us complacent and happy enough to stunt our growth. It traps us in a way that bad cannot.


    Disc golf is my favorite past time. More specifically, playing disc golf is my favorite past time. And winning is more fun than not winning. But I can’t play all the time and win all the time. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

    Winner Stays On

    Some people argue that I’m too competitive. Maybe. But why play if you don’t want to win?

    If I Get to It, I Get to It

    So that he can live on purpose today, skiing the slopes with his father and his brother, I offered to write a guest post.

    Cutting Back

    You can’t add something to your life without removing something else. That’s something I failed to consider when I started this blog.

    Costco and Perspective

    Today I had to go to Costco. That’s normally one of Sarah’s chores. But being the most amazing husband ever I thought I’d take my turn.

    Fuck Instagram

    While I’m still alive I want to do things that I like. Instagram is not one of those things.


    As an atheist I’m not supposed to fear death. But I can’t imagine being more terrified.

    I’m Not Judging You

    We live in an ultra-PC society that often goes too far to the point of being counterproductive. If I analyze your behavior in any way then I’m judging you. And that’s immoral. And I’m a bad person.

    You Might Not Like This. And That’s Okay.

    No matter how well I write or how much you like my writing, you’re not going to like everything. I have to be okay with that. And as of 72 seconds ago I am okay with that.

    I’m Better Than You

    I’m better than you because I make more money. I’m better than you because I’m more unique. I’m better than you because I’m smarter.

    Unintentional: A Life Without Thought

    This story is the American dream. Work hard, grow in your career, earn more money every year, buy expensive things, and have enough money left over for your kids.

    How to Start a WordPress Blog and Be Super Nerdy About It

    Reviews are a crutch for me. Buying a bag of coffee without reading all of the reviews on all of the top 10 coffee beans first? Never gonna’ happen. So when starting a blog, hastily picking a hosting company and a template is not an option. Analness about everything is required.

    About Pat On Purpose.

    This isn’t a “10 easy steps to change your life forever” kind of blog. I’m not an intentional living “expert”. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. This post gives a brief intro to me, my family, the intentions of this blog and what’s to come.

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