Pat Griffith writes words. Those words help people live intentionally.


Shit. I was hoping you would take my word for it. Luckily I came prepared for this exact follow-up question!

Forget people. Let’s talk about you.

I’ll help you be you. Expand.

Social norms? That’s cool if that’s what you’re into, I guess. But if that’s not what you’re into, why play along? I mean, I’m not advocating that you go breaking all sorts of laws or anything. But if you don’t like convention, challenge it.

For example, maybe you’re not obsessed with the career 9-5. Maybe you don’t get the love affair with working really hard in a cubicle for 45 years, disregarding health and personal well-being in the name of career advancement, so that you can retire and start to “play” after your body has withered into a helpless state.

Does your alternate perspective make you a freak? If so, let me help you get freaky!

I’ll help you say fuck it a little more often. Expand.

Want to sing in the car? Of course you do. Because who doesn’t want to sing in the car? There are only two reasons that every person isn’t always singing in the car:

  1. Giving too many fucks.
  2. Podcasts.

The former is something that can be overcome.

I’ll help you remove distractions. Expand.

Do you abuse technology? Or food or shopping? Be honest with yourself. Do you spend more of your life actively doing or passively consuming? Do you spend more time living your own life or watching other people’s lives? Would you like to change that?

I’ll make you explore yourself and your values. Expand.

I’ll ask you “why” far past the point of comfort. It won’t always be fun. But it will be necessary. And fulfilling.

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you?

Why don’t you do what you don’t do? Are there valuable things that you’re missing out on? What’s holding you back? Are you scared of something? What are you scared of and how can you overcome it?

Why do you believe what you believe? Is it because it’s what you were brought up believing? Does it actually make sense to you? Is it a net benefit to your life?

Most of what you do, don’t do, believe and don't believe is for good reason. But let’s take a second look anyway.

You are (probably, but no guarantees) unique as shit. Uncover that. Unleash it. Let it shine.

It’s time to feel more alive.

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