By Patrick Griffith on January 20, 2016

About Pat On Purpose.

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We’re all on a journey. Where I am now is different than where I was a month ago, and the same is likely true for you.

Since I’m the one writing and you’re the one reading, there’s a decent chance that I’m further along in this aspect of my journey – the aspect of mindfulness – than you are. But there’s also a chance that I’m just more full of shit than you are. Sometimes I’m unable to tell the difference.

I post unconventional thoughts. So I’m tempted to say that this blog will only resonate with the open-minded. But that temptation stems from my selfishness. I want my words to have an impact on the people who read them so I like the idea of only open-minded people reading them. But maybe this blog is especially for you if you aren’t so open-minded. Who am I to say?

Be gone, temptations. Read if you want. Don’t if you don’t.

Enough with the preamble. What is this site about?

Pat On Purpose is about being as cognizant as possible of our surroundings and their effects on us. It’s about finding ways to live how we want to live rather than how the people around us are living. It’s about fighting our impulses when we know they need to be fought. It’s about choosing the intentional, deliberate path even if it isn’t the easiest or the most popular path.

When we get rid of our unfounded beliefs and our useless possessions and our impulsive actions, the benefit is simple. The benefit is that we live happier lives with more purpose, better relationships and less regret. We’re more able to follow through on goals, less caught up in what everyone around us is doing and more able to take responsibility for our own lives. And we, therefore, spend more time doing what we love and less time doing what we don’t love.

A few examples of specific topics that will be covered (eventually):

  1. How to maximize the benefits of technology while minimizing its controlling grip.
  2. How to reduce your Minimum Viable Income (aka how to reduce your expenses). And how doing so opens up your world of feasible employment possibilities.
  3. How to be aware of your impulsive actions like twitching for your phone or snacking when you’re uncomfortable, and how to take action to lessen these activities.
  4. Why the general population has a disdain for evidentiary support, and how to stop yourself from falling victim by absorbing information with a healthy amount of skepticism.

An eye-opening TEDx talk on technology addiction by Ben Halpert.

My name is Pat Griffith, and I’ll be the guy doing the writing. When you read my posts, you’ll be challenged. Your eyes may be opened. Sometimes you’ll be presented with information that’s brand new to you, and sometimes you’ll be presented with information that you’ve already seen. But even in the case of the latter, it’ll often be information that challenges you to reassess your life. And that’s an amazing thing. We don’t have to change our lives often, but we should reassess them often.

What is this site not?

Before any conspiracy theorists read “fighting groupthink” and get a digital boner, I want to clarify that a healthy amount of skepticism is not the same thing as outright denial of all popular thought. eg: I think the USDA is probably the last place you should consider for diet advice. But I don’t think 9/11 was a hoax. The groupthink aspect of this site is about rejecting bad science/rationality in favor of good science/rationality. It’s not about rejecting commonly accepted things just for the sake of rejecting them.

Additionally, this is not a “10 easy steps to change your life forever” kind of blog. Changing your life might be simple. It’s not easy. You’re going to have to actually want to do it.

What to expect.

I email my awesome followers my most intentional thoughts every Thursday morning. Some of those thoughts make their way onto this blog. Some don’t.

There will be some uber long, well-researched posts. And there will be some shorter posts. Some will be data-based and some will be opinion-based.

How is this site different from the other 92,412 minimalist blogs?

There will be no lame ass motivational quotes on this site. This isn’t a feel-good everybody-is-the-best-all-the-time site. I don’t think you should hug yourself 24/7 and tell yourself that everything is perfect.

I also don’t know of any other minimalist or intentional living blogs that talk about freethinking as being an integral part of an intentional life. And I happen to think that it is an integral part.

Why I started this blog

One night Sarah (my wife) and I were out with friends and Sarah went on her phone for less than three seconds. And it irked me to my core. It frustrated me so much that it put me in a bad mood for the next hour.

Later I’d find out that she was answering an emergency text from her coworker, but it was too late by that point. I already assumed that she was on Facebook and that she loved Facebook more than me and that she was the rudest person in the history of the fucking universe.

All of that because I was upset with myself for wanting to do the same exact thing. But because I was struggling so hard to resist I ended up hating the entire “phone at the dinner table” culture and anyone who was even remotely associated with it. It’s not my wife’s fault that I struggle with technology overload. Sorry, Sarah.

Sarah and I on our wedding day in September of 2015.

Sarah and I on our wedding day in September of 2015.

That was the day that I started to embrace the more traditional aspects of minimalism and intentional living. That was the day I that decided to dumb down my phone, and shortly thereafter I began to incorporate other minimalist aspects into my life like getting rid of a bulk of my belongings and wearing the exact same two outfits (one for colder weather and one for warmer weather) every day.

The groupthink aspect of intentional living has been a part of my life for over ten years now. The fight against unfounded conventional wisdom started almost to the day that I had private Internet access for the first time.

About me

Since is the about page, I’ll not-so-humbly say that I’m a pretty interesting guy. I almost never wear shoes. I do pushups, squats and handstands every time I go to the bathroom at work. I don’t use a pillow. I try my damnedest not to listen to the radio in my car. I genuinely like Taylor Swift’s music.

I make websites. I have a full-time job and also do my own thing on the side. JK.

My favorite pastime is disc golf; the most intentional, most rewarding sport in the world. I’m pretty sure that qualifies as a fact.

I’m a 29-year-old male living in Newark, DE, USA. I’m married to my absolute best friend, Sarah, who is a Barre-teaching, track-coaching, people-helping, Gilmore Girls-watching Physical Therapist. And we have a 6-year old Labradoodle named Moonshine. He’s the cutest. And the happiest. And generally just the best in every way possible. And so is Sarah for that matter.

Our third wheel, moonshine.

Our third wheel, moonshine. Photo by Sarah.

That is all.

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