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You broke it! Or maybe I broke it. Probably the latter. In that case, can I please make it up to you so that you don’t hate me forever?

Normally I only share my writing with email subscribers. But, in an effort to atone for my misdoings, here are five of my least-not-favorite posts:

  1. Writing is hard. But I did it anyway. Yay me! Can I get a high five?
  2. I quit. I quit my job one time. And then I wrote a post about it. Cool, right?
  3. Fuck it. You should consider caring less. But only a little bit less. And only about certain things. Is that clear?
  4. I’m Better than You. I must’ve been feeling especially deep when I wrote this one. But I don’t hate it.
  5. Phone Addiction. Next time you’re at dinner and your friend reaches for her phone, you can nail her with some of these cool factoids.