I think

I think Darwin

In 1859 Charles Darwin released On the Origin of Species, one of the most important books in scientific history.

How important? Ernst Mayr of Scientific American says it best when he writes “Almost every component in modern man’s belief system is somehow affected by Darwinian principles.”

There is no better single illustration of those principles than the Tree of Life sketch contained in the book. Darwin illustrated that sketch 22 years earlier, in 1837.

Despite his brilliance, Darwin prefaced his sketch with “I think”.

I think, too. About that. Often. If there’s a single piece of illustrative history that regurgitates itself in my memory most often, it is this. Not the sketch itself, but rather the “I think” disclaimer. And each time it fascinates and humbles me just as much as the previous time.

In most ways I am an incredibly average dude (though I’ll deny that). In a few ways – the ways I talk about often – I’m a touch unique.

It’s easy to run away with that uniqueness. Which isn’t a bad thing. But sometimes I have to step back and tell myself, “I think”.

Every day I do what I think is best with the information I have. If that information changes, I’ll change. I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t need to.

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