Deep down in the back of your brain you have a sense of when something isn’t going to work out. Maybe you call it a “gut feeling”. But that’s probably because you ate some bad fish. I call it a sense. The pivot sense. (The cheesiest name imaginable, I know.)

Why does everybody ignore this sense? The sense that’s like “yo, maybe you should re-evaluate your options, dude.” Why do we pretend like it doesn’t exist or that it’s not well informed?

Sometimes things we care about don’t go like we had planned. That’s part of life. No big deal. But how we react is a big deal.

Conventional wisdom tells us to push through. Stick it out, be patient and pay our dues. Especially when we’re just starting out.

Conventional wisdom is awesome at being full of shit, though. Doesn’t it make more sense to lunge for the abort button with a single arm outstretched, so as to allow for the shoulders to rotate, allowing extra extension so the button can be pressed sooner? Especially when we’re just starting out? Because the cost of pivoting will never be less than what it is right now.

Today I’m pivoting. I'm pulling out of YOU On Purpose (my now-defunct newsletter) after just nine weeks. It might feel premature. But it's not.

Today I’m starting from scratch with 0 subscribers. And I’ve never been more confident about the future of this blog.

To be fair, though, it’s not like I was giving up a lot.

The Pivot to Demand Different (my new newsletter)

When you spend a lot of time around smart people with similar interests, you start soaking up new ideas like SpongeBob soaks up kids’ heart-feels. Even if by accident.

Over the past three months there have been three huge changes in my creative life.

  1. I quit my day job.
  2. I’ve been doing more coding, designing, problem-solving and business planning. Most of that has been poured into nicefeed.com which I just released on Monday.
  3. I bought Jason Zook’s future, which was perhaps the best business decision I’ve ever made even though I’ve yet to use any of the high-value apps that were included. Because of this I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by super smart people who a) have made themselves available to me and b) have a lot in common with me. Which equates to the SpongeBob effect.

These three things have had a multiplicative effect on my brain. And they’ve brought me to three realizations.

  1. I have a lot more to write about than intentional living, which was the sole focus of YOU On Purpose. I’m still going to hammer home that topic. But I have 8+ years of experience as a developer, 7+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and 29+ years of experience being a nerd. Those are all things I have a ton of fun talking about. And the only way to write about all of those things is to write for nerdy entrepreneurs. Which is my target as of today.
  2. Transparency is awesome. But not if you’re not transparent to yourself. Here’s a series of facts that I’ve been in denial about for the past nine weeks: the YOU On Purpose audience is not the audience that I make things for. So it’s not an audience that I can sell to. So YOU On Purpose never has a chance of being anything more for me than a public diary. I’m the first to say that life isn’t all about money. But I need some money. And I’d like to feel valuable, too, if I’m being honest. It makes negative sense to force myself into an uphill climb.
  3. I like being different for the sake of being different. Another thing I’ve always been in denial about. I’ve always told myself that I just am different without trying. Because to try to be different is to be a poser. Nope. Maybe I’m “wired” the smallest bit differently. But mostly I’m different because I want to be. And that’s fine.

Introducing Demand-based Blogging.

It’s hard to be different without… being different. So I’m trying something different. Partly because it’s different. Partly because it’s practical.

As of today you are reading the world’s first demand-based blog. (If I’m wrong and you can find another instance, please don’t tell me. I want to feel special.)

I will write my next post when the market tells me it wants to read my next post. And my brain power will be saved for programming, marketing and making obnoxiously-crafted coffee when the market doesn’t demand a new post.

Every time my audience grows by 2% I’ll start typing away. Or if it grows by 15 subscribers. Whichever is bigger.

I spent a couple hours yesterday writing some custom WordPress code to tie into ConverKit’s API. The code automatically figures out how many more subscribers I need to acquire before it’s time to write my next post, so I don’t have to fool with updating anything. I fetch that number via Ajax so I can have a live count and still keep all of my pages cached.

I only wrote that technical bit because it’s something I could never have written for YOU On Purpose. This is wonderful!

Within 48 hours (often sooner) of the target number being hit, the email will be on its way. On time, every time.

That’s all there is to it. How often I write is in your hands. I’ll write as often or as seldom as you’d like me to. And I’m okay with either.

What's Next?

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