Things I’m working on at the moment: – Currently Feed Hero is an MVP that allows you to use Twitter to make real friends (Yes really. That is possible. I swear.) The long-term vision is to expand to all (major) social networks and to be a platform that lets you get all of the connection benefits of social media without actually having to spend time using social media (viewing your feed, etc). – The world’s simplest and most awesomest accountability tool that I made in 48 hours. It’s gotten a few updates since then, and has a few more on the way. But it’s taken a backseat to Feed Hero for the time being. – My wife’s car went bang. In the search to replace her totaled car with the safest car possible I was disappointed with all of the car-buying research sites I came across. So I made my own, with a focus on safety above all else. Anybody want this site? I’m thinking about giving it away for free to a good home. I like it but don’t feel like doing anything with it. – I used to bet on sports. I don’t anymore. It no longer interests me. That’s why this site is for sale!