Thank You!

Thank you for agreeing to let me email you. You most likely won’t regret it that much.

I’m pumped to have you on board. Fine people like yourself are the reason that I continue to put my message out into the world, so I appreciate your interest more than you might think.

Want to catch up on the writing you missed? Here are five of my least-not-favorite posts:

  1. Writing is hard. But I did it anyway. Yay me! Can I get a high five?
  2. I quit. I quit my job one time. And then I wrote a post about it. Cool, right?
  3. Fuck it. You should consider caring less. But only a little bit less. And only about certain things. Is that clear?
  4. I’m Better than You. I must’ve been feeling especially deep when I wrote this one. But I don’t hate it.
  5. Phone Addiction. Next time you’re at dinner and your friend reaches for her phone, you can nail her with some of these cool factoids.